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There are 6737 works of art in this category

Portrait of Ivan A. (Johann Georg) von Lieven (1775-1848)

George Dawe and his workshop

Eumenos and Roxana

Padovanino (Alessandro Varotari). 1588-1648

Icon: St Gregory Thaumaturgus

Portrait of a Lady and her Daughter (Portrait of Anya and Lanya)

László, Fülöp. 1869-1937

Landscape with a Wagon and Figures by a Roadside Inn

Coelenbier, Jan, c. 1600-after 1677

Portrait of Count Vladimir Fyodorovich Adlerberg

Tiger Chased by Dogs

Anonymous Artist

Icon: Archangel Gabriel

Reception of the French Ambassador in Venice

Canal, Giovanni Antonio (Canaletto). 1697-1768

Portrait of Sergei Volkonsky

Tropinin, Vasily. 1780-1857

Madonna and Child

Weyden, Rogier van der, school of, c. 1399-1464

Wandering Musician

Gelder, Arent de (?). 1645-1727

"Portrait of the Younger Son of R.F.Hermann"

Lasch, Carl Johann (?). 1822-1888


Goyen, Jan van. 1596-1656

Theatrical Scene

Longhi, Pietro. 1702-1785

Portrait of a Ladi

Lorenzo di Credi, workshop of, c. 1459-1537


There are 4373 works of art in this category

Male Portrait (Chevalier d'Ambres puîné du baron Maffre de la maison de Voisuis)

Anonymous Artist, second quarter of the 16th century

Caricature Head of a Snub-Nosed Man

Ghezzi, Pier Leone. 1674-1755

"Illustration to the 9th Chapter of Apocalypse"

Shebuyev, Vasily. 1777-1855

Interiors of the Winter Palace. The Gold Drawing-Room

Kolb, Alexander. 1819-1888


Caricature Head of a Man in a Bicorn Hat

Ghezzi, Pier Leone. 1674-1755

Untitled. From the Series "Egg-9"

Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007

Fountain with the Allegorical Figure of Victory

Oppenort, Gilles-Marie. 1672-1742

Bolshoi Theatre. Front Facade

Quarenghi, Giacomo. 1744-1817

Parade of Troops

Castello, Felix 1595-1651

Plafond with Figures at Bayer near Naples

Clérisseau, Charles-Louis. 1721-1820

Portrait of Countess Anna Bobrinskaya

Hau, Woldemar. 1816-1895

Design of the Church of Life Guards Preobrazhensky Regiment. Plan and Facade

Trezzini, Pietro Antonio. 1692-1760

Fortune Telling Icon

Interiors of the New Hermitage. Room of Dutch and Flemish Schools of Painting

Premazzi, Luigi. 1814-1891

Sketch of a Ceiling with Diana Riding the Chariot Driven by Deer

Valeriani, Giuseppe. 1708-1762


There are 264 works of art in this category

Youth Seated Under a Tree


Mostaert, Gillis. 1534-1598

Portrait of Jahangir

Feast of a Prince

Young Dervish Seated on a Hide

Feast Scene in the Interior

Court Festivity

Jami. "Yusuf and Zulaikha"

Portrait of the Crown Prince, later Gustav III, King of Sweden (1746-1792)

Anonymous Artist

Miniature "Portraits of Mikhail and Nikolay Kamensky"

Anonymous Artist, first quarter of the 19th century

Portrait of Emperor Paul I

Benner, Jean-Henri. 1776-1836

Relief Portrait of Children

Youth with a Lute

Portrait of Major-General Ya.A. Potemkin, Commander of the Life-Guards Semyonovsky Regiment

Rossi, Pietro de. 1761/65-1831

The Battle between Nader Shah and the Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah

Portrait of Charles XII (1682-1718), King of Sweden

Anonymous Artist


There are 5667 works of art in this category

"On parle d'faire d'nouvelles élections..."

Daumier, Honoré. 1808-1879

Sumo Wrestler Hidenoyama Raigorō

The Omval. B.209

Ceremonial Procession in Bologna on the Occasion of Charles V's Coronation. Sheet 9-10

"Comme on fait son lit on se couche"

Daumier, Honoré. 1808-1879

Mansion of the British Envoy Baron Wolf on Vasilievsky Island

Anonymous printmaker

Christ Appearing to St Peter

Portrait of S.P. Krasheninnikov

Osipov, Alexey. 1770-1850

Sick Woman with a Large White Headdress (Saskia). B.359

Tableau Vivant: The Winner Heroes

"Map of Saint-Petersburg"

Anonymous printmaker

Abraham Casting out Hagar and Ishmael. B.32

"Comme quoi, même couché sur un lit très vaste, on peut se trouver mal à l'aise"

Daumier, Honoré. 1808-1879


Fletcher, Henry. 1715-1738

Portrait of Lieven Nillemsz van Coppenol (large panel)

Portrait of Peter the Great

Bobrov, Viktor. 1842-1918